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What's Your Number? An Accounting Blog

Using A CFO Advisory Service For Your Business

Dianne Graham

Making smart financial decisions and meeting all of the financial obligations that a modern business will have can require extensive training and experience with managing commercial financial needs. To this end, there are CFO advisory services that can be used to assist businesses with meeting these complex and essential needs.

Myth: Only Large Companies Will Need the Services of a Chief Financial Officer

One assumption that can be common is that a business will only benefit from a CFO once it becomes fairly large. In reality, even small and medium businesses will have daunting financial management needs that must be met. Furthermore, these businesses may have limited resources, which can make mistakes extremely damaging. While these enterprises may assume that they will be unable to afford the services of a CFO, there are advisory services that can work as consultants to help the business meet these needs. For enterprises that are wanting to avoid the need to hire a full-time CFO, this can be the only effective option for being able to receive this type of professional assistance.

Myth: It Will Not Be Possible For a CFO Advisor Service to Provide Effective Advice

Business owners might also assume that an advisory service will not be able to offer effective advice due to be unfamiliar with the details of the business's operation. In practice, these professionals will spend a considerable amount of energy and time researching the fundamentals of the business and its industry. This can help them with providing advice that is relevant and optimized for the particular needs of the business. While you will need to provide them with access to some internal documents or other types of information, but they will be bound by a confidentiality agreement so that the business's privacy is protected. Additionally, these services will avoid working with direct rivals or competitors so as to ensure they are providing you with impartial advice.

Myth: A CFO Advisory Service Will Require Long-Term Contracts

For small and medium businesses, flexibility is key for allowing them to capitalize on new opportunities. Luckily, most CFO advisory services will not require companies to sign long-term contracts. However, it is normally advisable to try to stay with the same service for as long as possible. This can avoid the need for a new CFO advisory services to spend time researching the business. Also, it can increase the quality of the advice that you receive as you will have a strong relationship with these professionals, and they will be far more informed about your business.

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