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What's Your Number? An Accounting Blog

Find The Right Kind Of Bookkeeping Help For Your Custom Home Building Business

Dianne Graham

As a custom home builder, you have to keep track of any number of different things including various building materials, not to mention the various contractors or laborers you have to pay to get the job done. If you want to keep your financial ledgers looking accurate and clean, you may want to bring in some professional help. That said, you also don't want to hire the first bookkeeper or accountant you find. Here's why you should seek out an expert with experience in bookkeeping for custom home builders.

Get Help From Someone Who Knows How to Handle Allowances and the Fluctuations That Occur in Your industry

You can't just use typical bookkeeping software when it comes to the custom home business. You might not even know exactly what you need to buy or who you will need to pay when the project first starts, and your needs could change drastically from month to month or even day to day based on the weather or the whims of the client. A bookkeeper with experience in construction will know how to properly document everything from the initial allowance you have from the client for certain parts of the project to how to handle fluctuations in expenses or other adjustments that regularly occur in this industry. Let a seasoned pro handle these issues instead of giving yourself a headache trying to figure it all out yourself.

Knowing How to Properly Document and Pay Out When It Comes to Labor Will Keep a Happy Shop

Most contractors are paid per hour, but there could be exceptions where you pay a flat rate or specific amount for a completed project. Managing billable hours and other fluctuations in labor costs can get more and more complicated as work continues and you bring in more and more labor to get the job done. Making sure you hire just the right amount of people is key to making sure the project gets done on schedule, and a good bookkeeper can help you maintain a bird's eye view of your current labor needs in relation to the remaining allowance or funds at any given time.

Handle Complex Transactions While Keeping Everything Easy to Understand for Your Clients

Your bookkeeper will be handling everything from the documentation of materials to labor and so much more, and with potentially dozens or even hundreds of different things to document, things could get complicated quickly. But a good bookkeeper will also be able to summarize the current state of the project for you so you can pass this information on to the client and keep your customers happy as the project moves towards completion.

Look for a professional who provides bookkeeping for home builders