Introduction to Bitcoin Dice Games

Bitcoin games are continually growing in popularity across the globe on a daily. This growth has been primarily due to the fact that bitcoin offers the kind of anonymity and low-risk gaming that is unlike most traditional online gaming systems. Bitcoin games also involve the use of top-notch technology to maintain its systems, so your security is upheld and you enjoy a more real-time gaming experience. If you’ve been thinking about giving bitcoin games a shot, there might just be a great place for you to start. While there are many games available for online bitcoin gaming, there are a few which have picked up and stood out over time, one of which is the bitcoin dice game.

What Is a Bitcoin Dice Game?

Bitcoin dice games are one of the many avenues through which users can bet using bitcoins and win even more bitcoins. They are accessible through bitcoin dice sites globally and usually involve going up against internationally scattered opponents. Bitcoin dice games provide one of the fairest avenues for betting, which is why they have continued to grow in popularity.In a bitcoin dice game, there are two main ways in which a player can place their bet. One involves betting against your peers within the same bitcoin dice site while the other lets you against the house, which is an equivalent of the host of the game. Dice games always have a very low house edge, which is the built-in profit which the online host site earns in every bet that is placed by players. For bitcoin dice, these profits run as low as 1-2%, which makes them very attractive to players.

History of Bitcoin Dice Games

The first ever bitcoin dice game was called the Satoshi Dice. The game began operating in 2012 and was initially thought to be a DDoS attack on the bitcoin network. This allegation was because of the sheer number of transactions that were occurring within the game. It is said that these transactions were so many, they had the potential to slow down the network as a whole. While the game received a lot of bad rep for the spam allegations, the legal argument held in that these were legitimate transactions being carried out. From that point on, bitcoin dice games became a focal point for online gamers. Today, there are around 15 dice games within the bitcoin market.

How To Play Bitcoin Dice Games

The dice games are controlled using transaction IDs and bitcoin addresses. They are also run on a peer to peer connection to allow a high form of transparency over how the games are run. This transparency is what makes bitcoin dice games provably fair, which means that the results of the game are not being altered by the administrator of the host site or the game owner.

There are three main financial terms involved:

Bet Amount – this is the amount a player will place and may either be a full bitcoin or a fraction of it.

Profit – this is the amount of extra bitcoin you stand to earn and is automatically filled in when you enter your bet amount.

Payout – this is the amount you receive if you win the game, and can be increased by the use of multipliers.

In the game, there are only six numbers to choose from with over a thousand combinations that can be achieved.

Bitcoin Dice Games are Provably Fair

To ensure a fair gameplay, provably fair algorithms are incorporated into the game. The most common way of calculating a roll result involves a serverseed (a number generated by the site, usually delivered in a hash encrypted form), a clientseed (number generated by your browser), and a nonce (a number that increases as your bet increases). The serverseed cannot be changed once your browser has received it. It is advisable that you change your clientseed before the game begins so that the server will not be aware of it.

The algorithm will take these three variables and, depending on how it has been constructed, ensure that the site does not automatically make you lose the game. Bitcoin dice games continue to grow in popularity. Judging from the proliferation of sites which offer this game, it is safe to say that dice games will only become more popular. The technology used to run them will also become more robust over time and ensure that clients receive the fairest play available. Factors such as house edge will also continue to decrease so that players can earn the most from their wins.

Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

So, now that you know all about the bitcoin dice games let us introduce you to our favourite sites that feature these games. This list below is in no particular order, and we have played on them all.

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