Playing Poker Online

At one point in the online gambling, world poker was one of the most played games. That’s not to say that it now doesn’t have a big following, just that less non-poker enthusiasts would also enjoy a game or two. Online poker is dominated by a few keys players, Pokerstars, Full Tilt and 888 Poker are usually the go-to poker sites for players nowadays. There are more online poker rooms that we will take a look at in a separate article too. When we mention playing poker online we are talking about any desktop, laptop or mobile device. You can be on the bus to work and still play a quick game of head to head. A great way to get your adrenaline pumping!

If you are playing on a computer then you will have to download the software on to your device. Most of the top poker sites have their software available for Windows and Mac users. If you want to play on a handheld device then you’ll need to go to your app store and download the poker app.

Different Online Poker Games

Obviously, there isn’t just one online poker variant. Standard Texas Hold’em is still the most played poker game online, but other variations are also popular, including Omaha, Razz, 7 card stud and five card draw. You can also play some tournaments that have a mixture of some of these variations, 10 rounds of Omaha, 10 rounds of Texas Hold’em. That’s one way of showing your true poker knowledge.

There are also betting limits that come into account when picking a game. Omaha is best known for being played with pot limit, whilst players usually prefer Texas Hold’em to be no limit. There are also fixed limits, cap limits and spread limits.

Next, you have cash games and tournaments. Tournaments require you to pay a buy-in amount to get a stack of chips for the entire game. In cash games you are using your own bankroll and depending on the limits can end up betting your entire roll if you hit the right hand.

Biggest Tournament Prizes in Online Poker

After speaking about the difference between cash games and tournaments we wanted to take a closer look at the prizes of the biggest online poker tournaments and hands in cash games. First, let us start with the tournaments.

The biggest ever online poker tournament cash prize was back in 2010

  1. $12,215,000.00 prize pool, $2,278,097.50 to the winner – 2010 WCOOP Main Event
  2. $10,925,000.00 prize pool, $1,265,432.23 to the winner – 2008 WCOOP Main Event
  3. $10,915,000.00 prize pool, $1,624,502.27 to the winner – 2017 WCOOP Main Event
  4. $10,720,000 2009 prize pool, $1,715,200.00 to the winner – 2009 WCOOP Main Event
  5. $10,710,000.00 prize pool, $1,300,000.00 to the winner – 2014 WCOOP Main Event

Biggest Online Cash Game Pots

Next, let us look at some of the biggest pots that have been won and lost in the online poker world. Starting with the 5th biggest online poker pot.

  1. Tom Dwan ‘durrrr’ vs Urindanger in a $657,073 pot.
  2. Tom Dwan ‘durrrr’ vs John Juanda in a $678,072 pot.
  3. John Juanda vs Phil Ivey in a $687,023 pot.
  4. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom vs Tom Dwan ‘durrrr’ in a $694,954 pot.
  5. Tom Dwan ‘durrrr’ vs Urindanger in a $723,941 pot.

Top Online Poker Players

If you are an online poker enthusiast then I’m sure that you dream of becoming of the best poker players in the world. Maybe you don’t like to play live, then the online poker world is your territory. Do you want to know who you are competing against? Here are the top 10 online poker players in the world according to Note that the data is only from Full Tilt and Pokerstars users.

  1. Phil Ivey
  2. Patrik Antonius
  3. Jungleman12
  4. Bttech86
  5. Urindanger
  6. OMGClayAiken
  7. Trex313
  8. FinddaGrind
  9. Sauce123
  10. Jeans89

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