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What's Your Number? An Accounting Blog

Keeping track of income and expenses is essential, even if you don't own a business. And if you do own a business, things get even more complicated. There are paychecks to issue, taxes to track, and subcontractors to pay out. All of these details are a whole lot less challenging when you hire an accountant to oversee them. However, it is still important to know a little bit about accounting yourself. Dig into the articles on this website, and you'll gain a better understanding of accounting principles, what services accountants really offer, and the benefits of hiring these professionals to assist with your finances.

What's Your Number? An Accounting Blog

  • Why You Should Take Online Training When Using Accounting Software

    2 March 2020

    There are a few very popular small business accounting software programs out there. There are also quite a few online training options, like quickbooks online training, that will allow you to learn how to use these programs. Here are a few signs that you should think about signing up for an online training program so you can better use your accounting software. You Don't Think You're Making the Most of Your Software Program

  • 4 Accounting Issues All Artists Should Understand

    10 February 2020

    Working as an artist can present a host of issues that aren't common to other trades. If you're worried about your bookkeeping needs, consider these four issues that apply to accounting for artists. Segregate Personal and Business Finances When you are just starting to your art into a business, there can be a moment where it's challenging to keep personal and business money separate. Even if you've taken too long to learn how to properly segregate your finances, doing it late is still better than not doing it at all.

  • 5 Reasons To Do Estate Planning

    27 January 2020

    After you die, there is a process in place to decide how your affairs are handled and how your assets are given away to others. If you want to have a say in your future affairs, it's a good idea to take the time to meet with an estate planning attorney. They can guide you through the process and they explain the different legal documents and tools that you can use to reach your goals.

  • Scenarios Where It's A Good Idea To Hire A Financial Consultant

    27 January 2020

    Most people see an accountant once a year when it's tax season. But there are certain times in life when it might be beneficial to have someone take a more in-depth look at your entire financial situation. That's where a firm or accountant that offers financial consulting services could come into play. Here are some of the different scenarios in which it might be a good idea to have someone double-check your own work or provide you with advice that you might be missing.

  • 5 Reasons To Hire A Business Accountant

    27 January 2020

    Having good control over your business finances is a must. If you own a company and you have no idea where your business finances stand, that's not a good sign and can lead to many problems. By hiring a business accounting professional, you can take control and have more success. They can help you in so many different ways. Here are some reasons to hire a business accountant: Set and Stick to Budgets